Saturday, June 20, 2009

wow. it has been too long!

This post is long overdue, therefore I'm letting you all have a glimpse into my messy upstairs. Busy girls = Piles of Clothes!! I'm loving the ability to wear dresses all the time because the weather is so fantastic. I bought this dress on a shopping break (first one in awhile) from work. Stress shopping is not really my style but I accompanied one of my coworkers who needed it for sure. I found this little gem in Forever 21. Random right? The shoes are new Nine West to replace my Gap wedges that broke and I've been too busy/lazy to fix them. Loved the whole thing enough to let you see the sty that I've been calling home. I've since cleaned that, I'm not that gross. 

DRESS: Forever 21
SHOES: Nine West

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Day and Target (say it with a French accent and it rhymes-you know you want to)

Another crazy day at the office. Thank the Lord for my flat shoes! This shirt/dress (worn as a dress would have been slightly much for the office) was so comfy along with my leggings. I breezed through my ridiculous day in total comfort which was key. I got rained on, teased and ran into a door! Those things are everyday occurrences for me but at least I had on cute shoes. Most of these clothes are from Target (wait all of it's from Target) wow I really need to stop shopping there or at least mix it up. I'm in a Target rut...back to thrifting it is. 

Speaking of thrifting look under the crook of my arm-it's my piggy bank begging me to stop going to Target! Ha.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why oversize shirts are awesome

Holy crap how cool are my $7 dollar studded sandals?! This outfit was inspired by the oversize plum color shirt I found at Target that drapes like a Donna Karan. The jeans are the best skinny jeans because they are black, which lets face it ladies black is slimming. The necklace is thrifted. Today was nuts at work so I was so excited to have on these cute flats. I was literally running through the office to meet deadlines! Sweaty and quite hilarious.

SHIRT: Target
JEANS: Volcom
NECKLACE: Thrifted
SHOES: Target....hell yeah $7 well spent
WATCH: Technomarine

Friday, April 17, 2009

Purple Rain Blazer

Now this $2 dollar blazer was one of my favorite thrifted purchases! Every time I wear it I feel like singing purple rain by the artist formerly know as Prince (aka: the reason I bought a raspberry beret and why I sometimes party like it's 1999). Anyhow, this outfit was super comfy and I set the timer to photography myself just as my phone rang hence the crazy facial expression. The necklace is also one of my favorite things-the fish is totally movable and it's made of enamel and the perfect length. I'm telling you I can't stop tight rolling! What is my problem?! Red soles only mean one thing....Christian Louboutin except these are not because I don't have loads of expendable cash. They're from Urban Outfitters and so look like Louboutins I had to get them. Had an overall decent day today. It had to have been the purple blazer!

SHIRT: The Gap
BLAZER: Thrifted
JEANS: Volcom
SHOES: Oh Deer
NECKLACE: Thrifted
WATCH: Technomarine....ceramic and lovely

Monday, April 13, 2009

There is a Magic 8 Ball right behind my elbow...I use it a lot

Wore my Mick Jagger pants again. The office always goes nuts when I wear these, like you all have never seen leggings before. So what if they are shiny. I love this cardigan and the juxtaposition of the ruffles and the bad ass pants. Had to go with the flats. Heels are bugging me lately. I'm pretty sure if I had those Christian Louboutin turquoise suede heels my tune would change. That was not a hint for gifts...okay who am I kidding I would go nuts over that and probably would be too afraid to actually wear them!

UNDERSHIRTS: there a theme here?
SHOES: Nine West (phew thought I might be embarrassed that everything I wore was from the same place. I don't give a crap it's from Target, but jeez talk about non variety.    

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Connecticut Prepster

Well now you see the secret hiding spot for all of the crap I can't find a place for after I cleaned my office. That was totally unintentional however pretty funny. If it were under a bed you would never see it. Oh well. Like I said tight rolling is back (for me at least). I loved this outfit because of the comfort. It's a bit preppy for me however I think that I pulled it off without looking too ridiculous. The Connecticut in me rears it's ugly head sometimes. 

SHIRT: Target (boys section)
JEANS: Target (my take on the boyfriend jean...on the cheap)
SHOES: Random from Tj-Maxx
NECKLACE: Thrifted
BELT: Thrifted (my favorite thrifted find to date)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New ones coming soon and tight rolling is back!

The camera battery died...immediately after I took some new picks! I realized today that I've tight rolled my pants 2 days in a row. No I'm serious and please don't unfollow me until you see the results. Coming soon....